Somaliland President Toured the Road Authority

Somaliland president visited the ministry of vehicle and listened to briefings by the respective officials of the ministry and authority.

Somaliland bought vehicles for road maintenance, speaking at the meeting, an official said that he surveyed 700-long tarmac road in Somaliland. Mr. Muse the president mistakenly said a road of 9000 Kilometres long awaits us to make a reality. For correction– he meant 900 Kilometres.

A flock of ministers accompanied the president’s visit in the government offices “ if you want to look at the development of a country, just see its roads how many and how good they are,” said Sacad Shire.

In financing its roads, Somaliland witnessed some progress in regards to road maintenance as it can’t build a new which is very costly and requires professional highways with 20 something experience.